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Term 1 2019

2 Corinthians: The Paradox of the Cross

The church in first century Corinth had more than its share of problems. Paul addressed these problems in the letter we call 1 Corinthians, but many rejected his advice. He followed up with a painful visit and then sent them 2 Corinthians, a letter that assured them he forgave and loved them. After reading the letter, many church members repented and embraced the letter’s message.

Essentially, Paul challenges believers to see life through the paradox of the cross. “Power in weakness”, “Life in death” “Glory in suffering” are just some features of this paradox.

Because of the cross and God’s Spirit, Jesus’ followers receive power to live transformed lives. They become equipped to take up Jesus’ cross shaped life and make it their own. Through the cross and resurrection, believers may live differently and model the values God desires, including generosity, humility, and weakness. (Adapted from the Introduction on

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