10am Trial Services – next steps
This year, from January to April we have held four ‘trial services’ for our 10am English and Mandarin congregations. The format of these services has attempted to promote unity, while creating a great ‘vibe’ as we start our worship together. Over the course of four months, these have been a great success, and so we will continue to meet in this format once a month through terms 2 and 3.

Mothers Day Knitting Stall
Praise God for a successful mothers day stall last Sunday! Our Stix N String group raised over $300 to support RACE (Ryde Area Christian Education) from the sales of beanies, scarves and gloves!

Election Pre-Polling
The craziness of the election season has begun, with our church being used as a polling station for the Federal Election. From 9th-20th May, classrooms 2&3, 4 and 5 will be used by the Australian Electoral Commission. Our church activities will find other places over the next fortnight to meet. The Hall will be used for Election Day on Saturday 21st May.

This term is looking to be a great one! We are digging into the big picture story of the Bible. What is the point? Does it fit together? We are going to be coming back to these same questions each year in term 2. Jesus is the point, from beginning to end. Cover to cover, God has a big plan, and that plan is Jesus. This year we are starting at the very beginning with Creation, Fall and Flood.


Prayer Points

  • Keep praying for our church and the wider community in Ryde as COVID cases continue to rise all over Sydney.
  • Give thanks for the freedom to elect our officials and pray that God would grant us leaders who are just and fair and will lead our country well.
  • Please pray for the outbreak of COVID in China and Taiwan and for the families of our Mandarin Congregation Members to be safe.
  • Ask God to continue to strengthen staff working in healthcare and aged care, still dealing with many additional demands due to COVID. Pray that wealthy countries would be generous with providing vaccines for poor countries, and for providers to overcome the challenges of vaccinating millions of people.
  • Give thanks for SRE (Scripture) in Ryde Secondary, Ryde Public, Smalls Road Public, and the relocated Meadowbank Public School. Pray for our Scripture teachers, for the school principals and teachers, and for God’s work amongst the students.
  • Let’s keep praying for the situation in Ukraine.
  • Keep praying for those in our church family who are recovering from sickness or surgery, or grieving loss of family members.

SOAP Bible Readings


Read Scripture daily, write a few thoughts, an application and then pray.



This Month in KBF
FAMOUS, a 5-week series from the Old Testament on David and his family
Lots of kids dream about becoming famous . . . and why shouldn’t they? It sounds awesome to have fans who celebrate your wins with you! On the flip side, it would be pretty tough to have people always watching, even when you’re not having the best day. In Famous, we are going to talk about a family in the Bible who lived in such a spotlight. Through their stories, kids will learn that no matter our celebrity status, we can make things right, God gives us friends, we can ask for God’s guidance, we can give God what we have. Fame and fans may come and go, but you don’t need to be liked by everyone when you’re loved by God!

A Great Resource
These daily devotions, written by Glen Scrivener take the reader through the Bible, pointing to Jesus, warming the heart and encouraging us keep going as a Christian. A big thumbs up from Andrew. You can order a copy from Koorong.

Southern Cross
This month’s diocesan magazine, Southern Cross, can be downloaded here