Thoughts from Steph
We really like comparing ourselves and our lives to those around us. As people always say… the grass is greener on the other side… It might be wishful thinking, maybe rose-tinted glasses. After one week back at church it is hard not to remember those good ‘ol days of singing, morning tea and supper. We miss the people who can’t come to church in person. Maybe we miss not being able to do church in our pyjamas. For those at home it must be hard for you. It must be painful to be separated by technology when other people get to meet in person. Or maybe you are really enjoying it. Everyone is in a different place in life. Those famous words of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. There is a time for every purpose under heaven. For everything there is a season. Life has a rhythm to it, a movement that ebbs and flows. Some days we are blessed with laughter and others are full of tears. There is a comfort in this seasonal nature of life. A sense that the bad things will pass, and there will be a time to dance again. There was a time when we could embrace, but now it is a time to refrain from embracing. Everyone might be experiencing a different season now. And those seasons may change tomorrow. We’ve all experienced some form of cultural whiplash thanks to the constantly changing situation with Covid-19. Depending on the situation in Victoria we might end up back in a season of online church. But that would be okay. We know that season will pass too. We know that God is eternal, and he is never changing. While our seasons may change his love endures forever.

Greetings from Wayne, Helen and family
Hi St Anne’s,
Due to the long, end of year school break being extended in Ethiopia, we’ve now flown to Australia for a Home Assignment after all. We were diverted to Perth and are in quarantine at the moment. Look forward to seeing you at some point after we get to Sydney.

Monday Connect Group
The Monday 2pm Zoom Connect group is in recess over the school holidays. New members are welcome – details will be provided in a future edition of the newsletter.

Southern Cross
This month’s diocesan magazine, Southern Cross, can be downloaded here.
It contains articles about churches reopening, religious freedom, a Christian Doctor’s recommendations for prayer as social restrictions ease and other articles.


  • Thank God for the safety of members of our church in this COVID-19 age. Pray for the Premier and Government of Victoria as they decide on measures to protect their community. Pray especially for residents of the public housing towers locked down in their apartments. Pray for people whose first language is not English, that they will get information and essential support in a form they can understand. Pray for refugees who have suffered trauma leaving their home countries and are now under police guard.

  • Thank God for Wayne and Helen and their children’s safe arrival to Australia. Pray for them as they endure the 14 day isolation period in Perth and for their travel arrangements for the last stage of their journey to NSW.

  • Pray for churches in areas of conflict and famine as they reach out to their neighbours with practical help and with the good news of Jesus.

  • Thank God for the safety of teachers in our schools. Pray for a relaxing break over the school holidays and for continued protection for them and the students in their care.

Prayer for those in need:
Ask God to comfort, strengthen and deepen the trust of those who are sick, grieving, or in special need at this time especially Beryl B.

Freddo Quiz

Freddo is staying home at the moment. He’ll be back when we go back to church.



 SOAP Bible Readings


Read Scripture daily, write a few thoughts, an application and then pray.

Week beginning 13th July
1 John 2:15-27
1 John 2:28-3:24
1 John 4
1 John 5
2 John
* Ephesians 5:21-32
3 John

Week beginning 20th July
2 Chronicles 25
2 Chronicles 26-27
2 Chronicles 28
2 Chronicles 29
2 Chronicles 30:1-31:1
* Ephesians 6:1-9
2 Chronicles 31:2-20

Week beginning 27th July
2 Chronicles 32
2 Chronicles 33
2 Chronicles 34
2 Chronicles 35:1-36:1
2 Chronicles 36:2-23
* Ephesians 6:10-20
Psalm 8

* Sermon Reading

I am laid low in the dust; preserve my life according to your word. Psalm 119:25


On the Lighter Side