If you would be willing to include one or more St Anne’s people who are on their own for a Christmas meal, please contact the office.

Women’s Walking Group
The walking group in in recess until February.

A prayer for Our Country, in drought and fire
Our heavenly Father, creator of all things and especially the creator of this land and its original peoples, we call out to you in these desperate times as we see the first catastrophic fire warnings for New South Wales, as fires have already swept across several parts of our land.
Our hearts cry out to you in desperation for those whose properties are affected by ravaging fires and whose very lives are in danger.
Father we pray, in your mercy, restrain the forces of nature from creating catastrophic damage; in your mercy, protect human life.
Guard those who selflessly step into the breach to fight these fires. Guide police and authorities who help evacuate and shelter those who are displaced. Bring comfort and healing to all who suffer loss.
Remembering that long ago you extended your hand through your servant Moses to stop the waters and then to return the waters to their normal course, so we pray for rain. In your mercy, we pray for drenching rain. We pray that despite the forecasts, in your miraculous power you would bring forth rain to quench these fires and to bring life back into the earth, so that crops may grow and farmers may bring forth the harvest of the land again.
We bring these requests before your throne, in the name of your Son, who died and rose again for our deliverance. Amen.

Practical help through Anglican Aid
A special appeal by the Archbishop of Sydney’s Anglican Aid to raise tax-deductible funds for those affected by bushfires has been launched.
Funds raised from this appeal will help those who miss out on NSW government emergency assistance. To donate go to or telephone (02) 9284 1406.  More importantly, funds from this appeal will come with prayer and human connection. Our donations are a tangible symbol of God’s grace to us all.  Donations for this appeal are tax deductible.
Sadly, there are fires burning right now in the Anglican Dioceses of Grafton, Armidale, Newcastle, Bathurst, Brisbane and Sydney, but we can rejoice that there are established churches on the ground in the places most seriously affected, providing an existing network of prayer and the delivery of financial assistance.
All funds donated to the Archbishop of Sydney’s Anglican Aid appeal will go to Anglican churches in the affected areas, so that specific distributions can be made to those most affected within their communities.
Archbishop Rev Glenn Davies

See your friendly shop assistant after each service for Christmas gift ideas ranging from $5 to $5000.
The gift shop will run until 8th December. Click here to see the catalogue.


The Psalms:  Recommended Resource
I don’t like the term “devotional” commentaries. In my view all Bible commentaries should flow from a devotion (love) for God, his word and his people. And every good Bible commentary will encourage us to grow in our devotion to Jesus, his world and his people. Having said that, I want to recommend one small commentary on Psalms 1-12 that has warmed my heart and spurred me on to love and good deeds. It is called “The way of the righteous in the muck of life” by Dale Ralph Davis. It is pure gold. Davis has a deep scholar’s understanding of the Bible and a pastor’s heart for God’s people in the everyday “muck” of life. He brings out the brilliance and
relevance of the Psalms for our day to day living and in profound ways points us to Jesus. Each chapter splits into about 3 “bite sized” pieces that work well for daily personal Bible reading or reading at your dinner table with others. Buy from Koorong.




  • Pray for the RACE board as they look for a new SRE coordinator for Ryde Secondary College.
  • Pray for year 6 students from our SRE classes as they enrol in High School. Pray that their parents will choose the SRE option.
  • Continue to pray for the Rural Fire Service and other emergency services personnel as they work hard to protect people, animals and property during these widespread fires.
  • Continue to pray for drought breaking rain and for wisdom for our political leaders as they respond to our changing climate and increasingly scarce water resources.
  • Pray that the UN climate change conference will lead to increased and deliverable commitments to protect the environment.
  • Pray for our Christmas outreach events – that we will be welcoming and open towards community visitors.

Prayers for those in need
Please pray for Jini and Margaret.
Ask God to comfort, strengthen and deepen the trust of those who are sick, grieving, or in special need at this time.

Freddo Quiz

Baby Jesus never cried.




 SOAP Bible Readings


Read Scripture daily, write a few thoughts, an application and then pray.

Week beginning 9th December
Genesis 4
Genesis 5
Genesis 6
Genesis 7
Genesis 8
*Psalm 100
Genesis 9

Week beginning 16th December
Proverbs 25
Proverbs 26
Proverbs 27
Proverbs 28
Proverbs 29
*Isaiah 7:13-14, 11:1-10
Luke 1:1-25

Week beginning 23rd December
Luke 1:26-38
Luke 2:1-21
Luke 2:22-40
Matthew 2:1-12
Luke 2:41-52
*Psalm 103
Genesis 10

Week beginning 30th December
Genesis 11
Genesis 12
Genesis 13
Genesis 14
Genesis 15
*Psalm 139
Genesis 16

* Sermon Reading

My soul is consumed with longing for your laws at all times.  (Psalm 119:20)