Our Term 3 Sermon Series is looking into the Lord’s Prayer.
For Jesus’ first listeners, this prayer was profound and transformational. It wasn’t just the Lord Jesus’ prayer – it was a prayer that Jesus’ disciples could pray and use as a model for their own prayers.
May this term kindle our joy for praying to our Heavenly Father – to strengthen our faith and embolden us to pray with confident hope !

It’s time again to prepare the rosters for Term 4. 
If you’d like to serve at any of our Sunday Services, please let us know through the Church Office.
Likewise, if you already serve, THANK YOU so much! If you have dates when you know you will be unavailable, please inform the Office via the Church portal.

On Sunday 24th September, our Mandarin congregation will be hosting a special evangelistic service and lunch to coincide with the Chinese Moon Festival. It will be a great invitational event! If you are part of the Mandarin congregation, please pray about who you might invite along. If you attend one of our English-language Services, perhaps you can invite someone whom you know who speaks Mandarin to come and join in the festivities.
There will be a special Church Service, followed by lunch on that day. May the Lord use this event for His Kingdom!

On Sunday 12th November
, Bishop Chris Edwards will join us, and we will have baptisms and confirmations that day.
Baptism is a symbol of the new life Jesus gives us by His death and resurrection. Believers are only baptised with water once! If you are a professing Christian, and have not yet been baptised, we will be baptising adults and children.
Confirmation is an opportunity for those who have been established and instructed as Christians to reaffirm, before the congregation, the faith expressed in the promises made at their baptism, regardless of the age at which their baptism took place! This is important for those who were baptised as children (where parents made promises on their behalf), or for those who would like to declare their faith in Jesus to their new church family.
Like baptism, confirmation is a once-only occurrence in a Christian’s life.
If you are interested in being baptised, having a child baptised, or in being confirmed, please contact the Church Office.


  • Please pray for our Term 3 sermon series looking in depth at the Lord’s Prayer. May this series cause us to love God and trust Him more, and that we will be joyfully spurred on to pray to our Heavenly Father for good things as His disciples!
  • Give thanks for Helen C (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) and Emily Y (Fridays) who are working in our Office to oversee administration, bookings and property needs of our church during the week.
  • Please pray that our church family will fight against temptation to sin and that we would turn to the one who can help us when we are tempted (Hebrews 2:18). 
  • Give thanks for Margaret B; for her many years of serving the Lord here at St Anne’s and other churches across Sydney! We also congratulate Margaret on the celebration of her significantly-numbered birthday this month! Many Happy Returns, Margaret!!
  • Pray for Sydney Anglican Church Synod who have met this week. Our Senior Minister, along with St Anne’s Synod Representatives Alison and David attended on our behalf. Give thanks for the decisions relating to the Diocese made during the week, praying that they are ones of great wisdom and equity. 
  • Pray that there will be many invitations (and acceptances!) to the Chinese Evangelism  Moon Festival Event on September 24th.
  • Pray for those who are sick and those who are recovering from recent procedures and operations: Neroli S; Roy W; Jeremy C; Jan S; Rosemary C and Rosemary C.
  • Give thanks for Helen M’s return to Church on Sunday. Praise God for returned strength and please keep praying for her ongoing recovery.
  • Pray for our studies in Habakkuk and Colossians in Term 4. May we be encouraged to STAND FIRM in the Gospel.
  • A prayer for multi-cultural community:   “God Our Father, thank You for the contribution people from many nations make for our City of Ryde. Thank You for the riches of diversity which we enjoy in our community. Please help us make our Churches places that are open to people from all language and ethnic backgrounds. We pray for people who are struggling to find their place in our community: help us to support them, and to show love to them in practical ways.  Through Jesus Christ Our Lord.  Amen.”

SOAP Bible Readings


Read Scripture daily, write a few thoughts, an application and then pray.



Southern Cross
This month’s diocesan magazine, Southern Cross, can be downloaded here

Anglican Aid Project in Papua New Guinea
St Anne’s has been long term partners with Anglican Aid. Anglican Aid is the overseas aid, development, and ministry support agency of Sydney Anglicans in partnership with the global church. It aims to to strengthen churches and help transform communities by sharing resources and building relationships between Australian Christians and overseas partners in need.
In 2023, our church will substantially support a specific project in the east coast province of Milne Bay in Papua New Guinea. Anglican Aid works with an agency called PNG: Restore which unites Anglican, Uniting (Methodist) and Kwato (Congregational) churches to care for the spiritual, medical and educational needs of some of the poorest people in PNG. Our support will look to grow the theological education in the area through these churches by strengthening the local churches, which in turn builds their entire system of schools, medical clinics, and also some water projects with an Anglican hospital at Dogura. 
It’s very exciting work. And a great example of how Anglican Aid is able to bring together the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus with social action and relief projects.
You can find out more about Restore: PNG and the work they are doing here.

A Great Resource
These daily devotions, written by Glen Scrivener take the reader through the Bible, pointing to Jesus, warming the heart and encouraging us keep going as a Christian. A big thumbs up from Andrew. You can order a copy from Koorong.




A good text about Forgiveness
KELLER, Tim: Forgive: Why Should I And How Should I?, Hodder and Stoughton, 2022