A Note From Ian
Normally I try to pick up some topic of current interest in this Note, but because I will be preaching on Simon this Sunday, the Simon who wanted to ‘buy’ the Holy Spirit, I have decided to write more generally on The Holy Spirit. Please bring this with you to the online service.
The Work of the Spirit in every believer:

  • Being ‘born again’ is an activity of the Holy Spirit in becoming a Christian (John 3:5-8)
  • He will guide you into all truth (John 16.13)
  • He will not speak on his own (John 16.13)
  • The Holy Spirit convicts the believer of sin (John 16:8), thus driving the sinner to repent.
  • The Holy Spirit produces ‘fruit’ in the believer: love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22)
  • The Holy Spirit may be resisted and grieved, so scripture exhorts us to walk by the Spirit (Galatians 5.18)
  • The Holy Spirit makes the individual Christian a temple, i.e., a symbol of God’s presence (1 Corinthians 6:19)
  • The Holy Spirit is a down payment, assuring the individual of eternal life (Ephesians 1:13)

The Work of the Spirit vindicating a Special Activity (Not for every believer)

  • On special occasions, the Spirit works in unusual ways. This will not happen for every Christian. The Spirit can empower even a non-believer to do God’s will. Sometimes others are witnesses of the activity.
  • Jesus’ baptism in which the Spirit descends like a dove is God’s endorsement of Jesus, his ‘Beloved Son’. It marks the beginning of Jesus’ public activity.
  • Pentecost was an occasion that convinced witnesses that the prophecy of Joel was being fulfilled.
  • The Spirit endorsed Stephen’s words at his stoning.
  • The Spirit endorsed the gospel going to Cornelius, a ‘God fearer’ but not a Jew.
  • The conversion and commissioning of Saul.
  • Even Balaam, a pagan prophet, was compelled by the Spirit to pronounce God’s prophecy (Numbers 22).
  • In Acts particularly the Spirit’s work is often used in this sense
  • Being ‘filled’ with the Spirit is more often used with this meaning.
  • The Spirit’s ‘gifts’ (Ephesians 4, I Corinthians 12 & Romans 12) are for the church, not the individual.

Ian Mears, Acting Rector

Do you miss going to 8am church?
Peg recommends tuning to 103.2FM at 8am for Simon Manchester’s studies on James.

Churches Reopening
It looks as though we will be able to meet together again from late October, with masks, 4sqm regulations and no singing. Only those who are double vaccinated will be permitted to attend (under 16s may attend with someone from their household who is double vaccinated.) The details are yet to be announced and we await further instruction from the Diocese.

Diocesan Prayer and Praise
‘Lifting our Voices to God’ is a one hour online event of prayer, song and word, open to all Sydney Anglican churches at 7pm on Wednesday 22 September 2021. There is no need to ‘sign up’ but further information can be found here where you will find the link to the Youtube event.


  • Pray for Andrew, Jess and family as they prepare to move house and church.
  • Pray for a favourable response from those we will invite to online church to meet our new senior minister. Pray for the good news of Jesus to go out in Ryde.
  • Pray for the people of Afghanistan. Not only are they living under Taliban control, they have been in severe drought and are experiencing food shortages.
  • Pray for Dave and Leoni Painter, hoping to return to Sydney for home assignment next month.
  • Pray for our state government dealing with COVID-19, especially for better strategies for culturally diverse communities. Pray for the people of west and south west Sydney, Dubbo, Bourke and Wilcannia.
  • Give thanks for the work of the Spirit in every believer.

Prayer for those in need:
Ask God to comfort, strengthen and deepen the trust of those who are sick, grieving, or in special need at this time.
Please pray especially for Rob, Steve and Adrian.

SOAP Bible Readings


Read Scripture daily, write a few thoughts, an application and then pray.

Week beginning 20th September
Psalm 26
Psalm 27
Psalm 28
Psalm 29
Psalm 30
* Acts 9:1-38
Psalm 31

Week beginning 27th September
Psalm 32
Psalm 33
Joshua 13
Joshua 14
Joshua 15
* Acts 9:32-43
Joshua 16

* Sermon Reading

Teach me, Lord, the way of your decrees, that I may follow it to the end. (Psalm 119:33)

Southern Cross
This month’s diocesan magazine, Southern Cross, can be downloaded here.

BCA Boxes
BCA boxes would normally be returned in September. Please hold on to your boxes until further notice, because of COVID.

‘Megavoice’ is a device about the size of a mobile phone, loaded with data. It is not dependent on the internet, and therefore not open to external interference or surveillance. It is capable of carrying a lot of data including several versions of the Bible and commentaries. Developed by Tom Treseder, previously State Director of Bible Society NSW & ACT, it is now on worldwide distribution, and available in many languages. For more detail go to

This Month at Kids Bible Fun
A 4-week series on God’s plans through Jesus
A blueprint is a kind of plan that helps engineers, architects and drafters to know how a project should go. Plans are everywhere. Kids find plans at school, in their Lego sets, and even in their video games. But the best kind of plans are the ones that help us grow. Through the life of Jesus we’re going to find out that God’s plans are perfect, love is the foundation of God’s plans, that Jesus said yes to God’s plans and most of all that we are included in God’s plans.