Preaching Program Term 3 2021


Acts is the sequel to the Gospel of Luke. In Luke, Jesus’ mission was to an area not much bigger than Greater Sydney and Wollongong; in Acts, the message about him will go to some of the greatest cities of the Roman Empire. In Luke, a handful of real followers stumble and fail and are constantly getting Jesus wrong; in Acts, tens of thousands will worship Jesus. The apostles will change from repeatedly failing followers, to commissioned and brave witnesses to the resurrection. Jesus will give them the Spirit and strength to stand and be counted. Acts tells the story of many normal Christians doing extraordinary things for God.

18 July  The Acts of the Risen Lord   Michael Kellahan
Acts 1:1-11

25th July  Matthias: The Choice of the Risen Lord  Michael Kellahan
Acts 1:12-26

1 August  The Spirit Comes  Janine Steele
Acts 2:1-13

8 August  The Spirit is Poured Out  Janine Steele
Acts 2:14-47

15 August  Jesus is Alive Again  Ian Mears
Acts 3:1 – 4:31

22 August  Initial Responses  Ian Mears
Acts 4:32 – 5:16

29th August  The Unstoppable Word of God  Stephanie Colacino
Acts 5:17-42

5th September   The Mission to the World Begins   Ian Mears
Acts 6:1-7; Exodus 18:5-27

12th September   Belief in God Means Belief in Jesus   Ian Mears
Acts 6:8 – 8:1a

19th September   The Spirit Can’t Be Bought   Ian Mears
Acts 8:1b-25; 1 Kings 16:21-33

26th September   Word and Spirit   Janine Steele
Acts 8:26-40; Isaiah 53:1-6

3rd October   The Making of an Apostle   Ian Mears
Acts 9:1-31

10th October   Life and Death   Ian Mears
Acts 9:32-43; 1 Kings 17:7-24