Preaching Program Term 3 2020

Ruth: Redemption Foreshadowed
We dive in to this classic story of one of the great Old Testament heroes – Ruth, the great, great, great etc. Grandmother of Jesus. God’s surprising provision of redemption for Ruth points us to Jesus our redeemer.

16 August   Surprising faithfulness   Janine Steele
Ruth 1 

23 August   Wings of refuge   Janine Steele
Ruth 2 

30 August   Surprising kindness   Katie Quirk
Ruth 3 

6 September   The kinsman redeemer   Bruce Pollard
Ruth 4:1-12 

13 September   The line of David  Stephanie Colacino
Ruth 4:13-22 

Ecclesiastes: The search for meaning in a world of chaos
In a world where the US President issues health advice based on the opinion of a “doctor” who believes lizards are running the United States Government and the human race has been infected with alien DNA (among many other strange conspiracy theories) how can we find any certainty and meaning? Is life pointless? These are the questions addressed by the book of Ecclesiastes. We take a deep dive into this thoroughly up-to-date book that will demand that we bring humility and teach-ability to the task of searching for meaning in a chaotic world.

20 September   Much ado about nothing   Greg Burke
Ecclesiastes 1 

27 September   Work hard, play hard  Janine Steele
Ecclesiastes 2 

4 October   All in good time   Greg Burke
Ecclesiastes 3 

11 October   Friends for life?   Katie Quirk
Ecclesiastes 4 

18 October   A shroud has no pockets   Greg Burke
Ecclesiastes 5 and 6 

25 October   A word to the wise   Stephanie Colacino
Ecclesiastes 7 and 8 

1 November   Living dogs beat dead lions   Bruce Pollard
Ecclesiastes 9:1-12

8 November   The limits of wisdom   Janine Steele
Ecclesiastes 9:13-11:6 

15 November   Dust to dust   Greg Burke
Ecclesiastes 11:7-12:8 

22 November   … and then to face judgment   Greg Burke
Ecclesiastes 12:9-14