Preaching Program Term 2 2019

Leviticus: Bridging the gulf between us and the Holy God

The book of Leviticus takes up the account of the people of Israel after their redemption from slavery in Egypt. Even as Moses meets with God to receive the law the people of Israel choose rebellion and idolatry. The continuing problem of human sin and rebellion opens up a gulf between the Holy God and his people. God’s presence is linked to the tent of meeting (Tabernacle) but his holiness
requires an elaborate system of sacrifice and ritual set out in the book of Leviticus. This book will help us to appreciate the grace of God in providing Jesus as the atoning sacrifice for our sin. Ultimately only Jesus can bridge the gulf!

5/5  Approaching the Holy God    Greg Burke
Exodus 19:1 – 20:2

12/5  Sacrifices for Sin and Guilt   Stephanie Colacino
Leviticus 4-7

19/5  Sacrifices of Thanksgiving   Greg Burke
Leviticus 2-3

26/5 Priests as “Go-Between”  Greg Burke
Leviticus 8-10

2/6 Ritual Purity  Bruce Pollard
Leviticus 11-15

9/6 Moral Purity  Katie Bolton
Leviticus 18-20

16/6 Priests As Exemplars  Janine Steele
Leviticus 21-22

23/6 Holy Days, Feasts and Festivals  Janine Steele
Leviticus 23-25

30/6 The Heart of the Matter: Atonement 1 Greg Burke
Leviticus 16-17

7/7 The Heart of the Matter: Atonement 2 Greg Burke
Leviticus 16-17

14/7 The Call for Covenant Faithfulness  Stephanie Colacino
Leviticus 26-27

21/7 Our Great High Priest: Hebrews on Leviticus Janine Steele
Hebrews 4:14-5:10, Hebrews 7:20-28