Preaching Program Term 1 2021

The Man Who Is God

Who is Jesus, and why did he come?
This term we’ll take a fresh look at Jesus through Luke’s eyes. We’ll see how Jesus describes his mission as he starts his public ministry, and how his mission plays out in preaching, healing, casting out demons, prayer, and relationships with friends and foes. We’ll think about where we fit into Jesus’ mission in 2021.

7 February   Good News   Janine Steele
Luke 4.14-21

14 February  Hometown Blues  Janine Steele
Luke 4.22-30

21 February   Powerful Words  Michael Kellahan
Luke 4.31-36

28 February   The Messiah’s Mission  Michael Kellahan
Luke 4.38-44

7 March   The Call For Change   Stephanie Colacino
Luke 5.1-11

14 March   The Power For Change   Michael Kellahan
Luke 5.12-15

21 March   Who Can Forgive Sins?  Bruce Pollard
Luke 5.17-26

28 March   What Jesus Did Not Come To Do   Michael Kellahan
Luke 5.27-32

2 April (Good Friday)  Christ Jesus Came Into the World to Save Sinners   Janine Steele
1 Timothy 1.12-17

4 April (Easter Sunday)   Who Holds the Keys of Death and Hades?   Michael Kellahan
Revelation 1.17-18

11 April    Jesus’ Party and the Religious Killjoys   Michael Kellahan
Luke 5.33-39

18 April   The Saviour’s Opposition   Stephanie Colacino
Luke 6.1-10