Preaching Program Term 1 2020

The Servant King

This term we take a fresh look at Mark’s biography of Jesus. Mark wants us to understand that Jesus is God’s chosen saviour king who gives his life as a ransom price for us. A leader who genuinely serves his people is rare. Jesus serves us by dying for us. Mark points us back to the Cross as the ultimate demonstration of the love of God for people who have turned away from him. He invites us to share the assessment of the Roman Centurion who watches Jesus die and says “Surely this man was the Son of God.” This assessment is vindicated by Jesus’ resurrection victory over death.

2/2 A New Beginning  Greg Burke
Mark 1:1-15

9/2 A Disturbing Diagnosis   Greg Burke
Mark 2:1-12

16/2 Does God Work on His Day Off?  Janine Steele
Mark 2:23-3:6

23/2 You Are NOT What You Eat   Greg Burke

1/3 A Question of Identity   Janine Steele
Mark 8:27-9:1

8/3 A Troubled Homecoming Katie Quirk
Mark 11:1-25

15/3 Bad Tenants  Stephanie Colacino
Mark 11:1-25

22/3 BCA LInk Missionary Neville Naden

29/3 The Man of Sorrows   Matt Quirk
Mark 14:32-52       

5/4 Justice Denied   Bruce Pollard
Mark 14:53-72

10/4 The King is Dead  Janine Steele
Mark 15:1-41

12/4 Long Live the King Greg Burke
Mark 15:42-16:8

19/4 Ears to Hear?  Greg Burke
Mark 4:1-20

26/4 For Better, For Worse   Stephanie Colacino
Mark 10:17-31